For nearly ten years, Highland Support Project (an Advance Special of the United Methodist Church’s Board of Global Mission) has partnered with community groups at the White Mountain Indian Reservation in Arizona on meaningful, transformative mission projects. 

HSP is interested in partnering with Annandale United Methodist Church and other churches in Northern Virginia to form a service team from June 18-25. 

Projects may include (1) working with From the Roots on canal maintenance and rainwater harvesting projects for horticulture, (2) volunteering on an indigenous farm, assisting the horticultural programs of the Hopi, Navajo, White Mountain Apache and Taos communities, (3) working with York School of Engineering for a starter kit for raised beds with a shade structure that functions as a water system with drip irrigation, (4) installing rain gardens with Apache farmers to help with erosion control and water retention, and/or (5) working with Apache Heritage Foundation on corral work with their equine program. 

The program cost of the mission week is $500, although it will be paid by the Mission committee for the first 20 participants to register before April 15. There will be additional travel and housing costs. Housing costs will vary depending on the group’s preference— accommodations can range from as simple as camping to a tourist/hunting lodge outside the reservation. 

This opportunity is open to all ages and, because it’s all outdoors, is the ideal way for the church to reengage mission projects as we emerge out of the pandemic. 

Jason has been a part of Highland Support Project since 2003. He has served on their Board and now serves on their advisory council. Over the years, he’s taken hundreds of children, youth, and adults on mission trips with HSP and cannot exaggerate the impact of the work they do in communities and the meaningful experience they give to participants. 

Contact Cory Culver at for more information.