On Wednesday, October 12, about 40 members of our congregation and clergy took the time to be a part of the Next Level Innovations (NLI) Ministry Focus Event. Under the leadership of the District NLI Team, we explored aspects of church ministries to lay some further groundwork as we move forward with our Annandale UMC NLI discernment. 

Our next step – leading  up to our AUMC Innovations Weekend next February 11-13 – is for congregants to take the Real Discipleship Survey.  This survey was developed for use in understanding where our church community is in terms of development in six specific dimensions of discipleship

  • Worship
  • Hospitality
  • Openness to Jesus
  • Obedience to Jesus
  • Service
  • Generosity

The survey is set up in a colorful grid with each color relating to one of those dimensions, and participants will be asked to select one of four statements relating to that dimension of discipleship. At the end of the survey, each participant will be able to click to see their own results, and the results will also go into a church-wide data base (without personal identification) so we can get a handle on where we are as a congregation.   You will also be able to self-identify as part of various groups within the church.

The survey is available now and will remain available until the Friday before Thanksgiving, November 19.  See below for instructions on taking the survey.

Our NLI process has been moving forward since December 2019, after delays caused by the pandemic.  But we are progressing more quickly now in preparation for our February 2022 Innovations Weekend and the implementation work that lies ahead.  Having you, your family and our entire congregation take this survey will be an important component leading to the identification of innovations that reflect who we are as a church and directions that make sense for Annandale. Please take the survey now.

Take the Survey

How do I complete the Real Discipleship Survey?

Go to discipleshipsurvey.com/1/member.php

Type in church code PEACEANDJOY and click “submit”

You should see “Conference Code Validated”; click “continue” 

On the next page, select Annandale UMC (Alexandria District) from the dropdown list of churches. Enter you email address and choose a password–this will enables you to see your results. Then, click the “Sign Up” button. Individuals should keep their login information so that they can login at another time to see their growth.

You should see “You have successfully registered. You can log in now.” 

Click “Login here” and enter the email and password you just created. 

Click on Edit your Profile and choose the groups you belong to in the church. The groups are:

Congregant: AUMC is your church home.

Leader: You have a leadership role in the church, such as member of council, Adult or Children’s Sunday school teacher, small group leader, ministry leader, or if you have another leadership role.

Staff: You are employed by the church, including clergy.

Other: None of these groups define your role at the church.

Click update at the bottom of the page. Then click on Return at the top of the page.

On the next page, click the blue “Take the Survey” button.

Select one box of each color that fits you best. After completing the survey use the blue “Submit Survey” button. You should see “have successfully completed a survey. You can view it on your Member Dashboard now.” Click “Return” to view your results. Your results are not attached to your name when the data is compiled. Each applicant is a number so your results are anonymous.