Our Community has persevered under this unprecedented devastation due to the Global Pandemic caused by COVID 19.  We are pleased to announce that the Weekday Children’s Programs were able to support the community by providing online learning, virtual field trips and an interactive YouTube Channel. Now we are so thrilled to share with you that our programs have reopened. The school has redesigned many things to include social distancing and mask wearing, daily health check-ins for all students and employees, vigorous cleaning and disinfecting processes, new health and safety cleaning policies and procedures, contained classroom cohorts by age and new state of the art technology for families to interact daily in real time with the classroom. The CDC continues to serve the Community by caring for children from infancy through Prekindergarten and has now added the ability to care for school age children to help during this Pandemic.

Please share our great news with your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and community partners. We are here to serve families, continue to educate children and be a beacon of light to the community. The contact information for the programs are as follows:

Child Development Center: 3months old Prekindergarten & New School Age Program (5yrs -12 yrs.)
(703) 256-1772 0r cdc@annandale-umc.org

Early Learning Program & Weekday Preschool Program: One (1) years of age – Prekindergarten
(703) 256-1100, (703) 256-5244 or wps@annandale-umc.org

Thank you so much from the depth of our hearts. We will all emerge stronger as a community that has learned to weather the storm.


As a mission of Annandale United Methodist Church, the Weekday Children’s Programs purpose is to provide an enriching educational environment for young children and their families, one that fosters a love of learning, awareness of self and others, and a sense of accomplishment built on a child’s natural curiosity.
We are committed to creating communities for children, families, and staff that:

  • Are safe and nurturing
  • Enhance positive growth, development, and self-esteem
  • Provide developmentally appropriate, stimulating, and creative curricula
  • Respect and accept people of all cultures, religions, abilities, genders, ages,  family structures, and sexual orientation
  • *Our ultimate goal is to assist children in developing into happy, healthy, self-confident individuals.

Check the links below to learn more about our individual programs.

Early Learning ProgramWeekday PreschoolChild Development Center
Child Ages1-3 years old3-5 years old3 months - kindergarten
Days Available3 days, Tuesday-Thursday3-4 days, Tuesday-FridayWeek long, Monday-Friday
Keeping Your Child Safe
  • In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the school has adjusted to include social distancing and mask wearing, daily health check-ins for all students and employees, vigorous cleaning and disinfecting processes, as well as other precautions.
  • All staff are certified in CPR and First Aid. Security checks are performed on each staff member.
  • All classrooms and playgrounds offer safety inspected and age-appropriate equipment which meet the standards of NAEYC and Virginia Licensing.
  • Security measures and procedures are in place to ensure the safety of all our children while at AUMC. An Emergency Prepardeness Plan [EPP] has been instituted and teachers are trained to cover all emergency situations. This plan, along with blueprints of the building which contains highlighted rooms where children are located, is on file with the Fairfax County Police Department [Mason District Office] as well as with the Annandale Fire Department. Regular evacuation drills are practiced to prepare children for fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, shelter-in-place, and lock-down procedures. Primary, secondary, and tertiary evacuation routes are rehearsed, and primary and secondary evacuation locations established. Click here for an overview of The Emergency Preparedness Plan. The full EPP is available for parent review upon request in the office.
  • The building remains locked during school hours. All parents are asked to enter through Entrance #2 where someone will be posted to monitor who enters the building during start times and dismissal times only. At all other times, it will be necessary to use the intercom to be screened and buzzed in from the office. A picture ID may be required for entry.
  • No child will be released to anyone other than the parent or a person who has been designated in writing on the required Child Release Form. The designee must present a government issued photo ID prior to taking the child.
  • Each year an opportunity is provided for parents to have safety identification cards made through Ident-a-Kid Services of America for their children which include the child’s photograph, fingerprints, and other identifying information that could assist police in the event the child was lost or missing. Participation is an optional service provided by the school.