Here at Annandale United Methodist, we believe diversity is the fruit of the gospel of grace. Not only do we have pastors who look like our community,  we have staff who have been here for two months and people who’ve been here for twenty years; some born here in Annandale and some from halfway across the world. One thing is true of all of us: we have a lot of fun here and would love to meet you. Come on by sometime!

The main office phone number is 703-256-8330, and the email is

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Rev. Jason Micheli
Head Pastor
703-256-8330, ext. 101

Like a hipster dropped by Jesus in the middle of a Hallmark Original feel good movie, Jason Micheli peppers the Christian faith with enough cynicism, sarcastic wit, and fart jokes to amuse even the most skeptical Gen-Xer while wearing enough pressed polo shirts to reassure their parents. Unlike the bawdy jokes it contains, the title of his book, Cancer is Funny, was not his idea but his editor’s. The title of his upcoming book on marriage, Living in Sin, was his wife’s idea. Like a Luther-loving wolf let in among lambs, Jason has been a United Methodist pastor since 2001, Va. His popular podcast, Crackers and Grape Juice, is like Christian NPR but with even more white people. As would be expected of any graduate of UVA and Princeton, the only person Jason admires more than the Messiah is Jason.

His wife, Ali, has tolerated him since they met on the swim team in high school (one look at Jason in a Speedo and she was a goner). Their two sons, Gabriel and Alexander (12 and 15) enjoy swimming, running, and PS games as distractions from their embarrassing parents.

You can find Jason’s blog here. Check out his podcast here. Or, his books here. His writing (too much?) for the Christian Century here.

For those of you now worried about Jason’s bona fides, he served as the executive pastor at Aldersgate UMC for 13 years. He’s also been a church planter, a small town pastor, and a chaplain on death row.

Rev. Peter Kwon
Associate Pastor for Youth and young adults
703-256-8330, ext. 105

Unlike Jason with his unnecessarily edgy and forced jokes, Peter Kwon displays a gentle, calm and loving presence that will remind anyone of his homeboy JC.

A passionate young pastor, Peter is also tremendously gifted at befriending strangers, preaching and playing music on his guitar. Although he doesn’t care too much about archaic musicians and rock stars, he is deeply passionate about hip-hop, its culture and history. He is staying faithful to his mother’s command from fifteen years ago by staying away from the oven (for safety, of course), but finds preparing food using the microwave a lot safer and more efficient.  In his free time, you can expect to find him in the corner of his bed, napping in the fetal position.

Rev. Nicole Crouch
Director of Mission
703-256-8330, ext. 107

Nicole is ordained as a United Methodist Deacon in the Western Pennsylvania Conference. She’s a graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary and attended Annandale for a time before seminary. Most recently, Nicole has served in El Paso, in charge of the Border Ministries of the New Mexico Annual Conference. She has an undergraduate degree in Spanish and specialized in Urban Ministry for her Master’s program. The Mission Center is her main priority, but she’s involved in all aspects of mission and also serves on Sunday mornings in worship.

Meredith Lamarche
Director of Christian Education for Children
703-256-8330, ext. 104

Meredith started her teaching journey in 2008 at Henrico County Recreation and Parks where she first worked with preschoolers. She quickly fell in love with teaching and working with children and has been teaching in various capacities ever since. With a B.F.A from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Union Seminary in Richmond, Meredith loves to pair art and Christian education together. Among her many passions are spending time outdoors, dancing (not with any great skill but with a ton of joy regardless), and seeing how God is working in the lives of others. She’s often found perusing for children’s ministry resources and toys wherever she goes and loves Celtic music, weaving, and swimming.

Pat Vaughn
Director of Worship
703-256-8330, ext. 123

Pat Vaughn has been at Annandale UMC for over fifteen years, first as Director of Music Ministries and more recently as Director of Worship. In addition to wrangling the members of the choirs and handbell ensembles at church, he can often be found troubleshooting a sound system, sweeping the floors of Wright Hall or serving as the resident security man when the power is knocked out.

As a father of four and a husband of over 25 years to Margaret (she lost a bet), his love for travel and spending time with the kids is what keeps him going!

Angela Wilmore,
Executive Director of Weekday Children’s Programs

Angela’s first job was that of a nanny, and she later took over a daycare center owned by her grandmother. Over the next 30 years, she held positions at nonprofits, corporations, public schools and consulting firms where she led teams focused on early childhood education. In July of 2017, she became the director of AUMC’s Child Development Center, and in September 2018 became the executive director of AUMC’s three weekday programs. She has a degree in organizational management from Palm Beach Atlantic University, a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, and associate’s degrees in accounting and child development. Read an interview with Angela in AUMC’s Feb. 2019 monthly newsletter, the Witness.

Our Office Staff

Harry Elanko – Business Administrator
703-256-8330, ext. 100
Harry is responsible for administering the business affairs of AUMC and is in charge of the work in the church’s administrative offices. Contact him to schedule a large-scale event at AUMC: a wedding, a funeral, and so on.

Richard Bass – Communications Manager
703-256-8330, ext. 113
Richard is responsible for implementing a comprehensive communication plan to promote AUMC’s programs, activities, events and vision and to help strengthen the church’s role and identity in the community. Email him with anything you want publicized: upcoming events, articles for the weekly Connect email, etc.

Diana Dzikiewicz – Media Specialist
703-256-8330, ext. 114
Diana is responsible for assembling and producing all publications and electronic display media, including the website. Email her with questions, comments, or requests regarding website and recorded service content.

Goldy Galeano – Custodian
Goldy and Mauricio are responsible for the cleanliness of the church and its furnishings.

Miguel Kersey – Facility Maintenance Supervisor and Technician
703-256-8330, ext. 115
Miguel performs or oversees the maintenance and improvements of AUMC’s facilities and equipment and oversees the work of the custodians.

Mauricio Marin – Custodian
Mauricio and Goldy are responsible for the cleanliness of the church and its furnishings.

Nakia Smith – Accountant
703-256-8330, ext. 109
Nakia is responsible for the maintenance of all of AUMC’s accounts and financial records. Contact her for information on your giving statement.

Lay Leadership

Church Council Chair – Pam Jones is the overall leader, coordinating the multiple committees and helping balance priorities.

Finance Committee Chair – Mike Bizer. Treasurer – Tracy Carney. Other officers – Class of 2022: Mike Bizer, Dan Cornette, Jerry Beyer; Class of 2023: Paul Hartley, Jay Morris, Lutricia Fields.

Staff Parish Committee Chair – Erin McKenney. Erin handles church staff personnel issues and concerns. Other officers – Class of 2022: Kristine Grow, Katy Padilla, Denny Stokes; Class of 2023: Cyndi Jones, Erin McKenney, Andrew Snyder; Class of 2024: Debbi Iwig, Fred Carns, Michelle Robinson.

Trustees Chair – Dana A. Goward. Dana is responsible for the overall welfare of our facilities, including maintenance and renovations, and assessing whether we are successfully utilizing our spaces. Other officers – Class of 2022: Gary FitzGibbon, Dana Goward, Peter Snitzer Jr.; Class of 2023: Becky Sellner, Brenda Poole, Beth Graves; Class of 2024: Bill Sinclair, Dale Ruhter, Scott Fleming.

Committee on Lay Leadership Lay Leader – Pam Jones. Pam always knows what’s going on, and is happy to help congregants keep up with the myriad activities, missions, and news in the life of the church. Other officers – Class of 2022: Teresa Beyer, Sally Bizer, Bill Pemberton; Class of 2023: Pat Sherfey, Maribeth Day, Margaret Vaughn; Class of 2024: Christi Schwarten, Scott Taggart, Barbara Gordon.

Foundation Board of Directors President – Randy Gordon. Other officersJerry Beyer, Susan Clark, Paul Hartley, Jim McConville, Polly Rosenstein

Other Officers:
Alternate Lay Members of the Annual Conference – Betsy Clevenger
Lay Members to the District Conference – Kevin Sabo
United Methodist Women’s President – Dana B. Goward
United Methodist Men’s President – Gary FitzGibbon

Please thank our AUMC volunteers when you see them for their time and dedication!