Celebrate the Gospel of Grace with Us


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Attend one of our vibrant Sunday morning worship services at 8:30 or 11 a.m. The 8:30 a.m. service incorporates contemporary music with a band and a brief, casual service while the 11 a.m. service is traditional and features our adult choir. Both services offer a sermon designed to teach, challenge and lift you up. Visitors are always welcome to join us in praising and sharing God’s love.

Sunday school meets at 9:45 a.m. – click here to learn more.

Children in Worship

We believe your kids getting the word is more important than your kids getting the wiggles. So don’t feel you have to silence them in the sanctuary. To make your job as a parent easier, though, the following options are available for your convenience:

Childcare: Our nursery is staffed by caring professionals who love children and are strongly committed to their safety and security. Nursery care for infants through kindergarten is available from 8:15 a.m.— 12:30 p.m. on Sundays and many other church events. The nursery is located in room 207 on the same level as the sanctuary. Rocking chairs are also available, outside the sanctuary, if you prefer not to take your child to the nursery.

Worship folders: Even the most creative and interesting worship experience can be a long time for children. Worship folders are available just outside the sanctuary for children to use during worship. The folders include Children’s bulletins that are directly tied to the day’s scripture, coloring pages and small toys. Please remove used pages and return them so they will be available for the next Sunday.

Upcoming Sermons and Series:

Lenten Sermon Series: Grace in Practice: A Theology of Everyday Life

This Lent we will make our way to the cross by expanding on how the Gospel’s promise relates to our everyday life, rooting the message of grace in the lived human experience of judgment and love. We’ll explore how grace— God’s one-way love for the undeserving— can apply to a range of topics, from singleness and marriage to infancy and old age, to politics and life as a congregation.

God’s one-way love is not natural to any of us. It comes as a gift from outside of us in Christ and his Gospel. Meanwhile, Paul says the Law, the “accusing standard of perfection,” is written on all of our hearts and therefore does come naturally to us. Grace must be learned and learning it means we must also unlearn all the accusing oughts and shoulds we hear in the back of our heads from all areas of our lives.

Grace in Practice will explore how the forces of Grace and Law play out in even the most mundane areas of our lives. The sermon series this Lent will work to enhance our understanding of both Christianity and daily life by painting, in concrete experience, the broad strokes of God’s grace for sinners.

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