Our Partners

Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, Troop 150

Formed in 1928, Troop 150 is one of the oldest troops in Northern Virginia. Boy Scout meetings take place on Mondays from 7-8 pm at Annandale United Methodist Church and Cub Scout meetings are once a month on Mondays from 6-7 p.m.
Are you interested in more information about joining the fun, camping, and learning experiences? Learn more about our Boy Scouts here or our Cub Scouts on their website here.


The Center for Pastoral Counseling

Are you feeling stuck, depressed, anxious? Have you tried to resolve these or other issues on your own only to find that they are not really resolved?  Would you like to grow, heal, and feel joy and peace? Our counselors at the Center for Pastoral Counseling of Virginia, CPC, are here to help and will work with you in a safe, compassionate,  confidential and nurturing way that honors who you are, your values, and your goals. CPC has counselors at multiple locations throughout Northern Virginia including one within the Annandale UMC building, and offers Tele-Mental Health in our secure video offices.
At CPC, we welcome everyone who seeks our counseling services. Pastoral counseling encompasses the professional approaches of traditional psychotherapy combined with the wisdom of spirituality and faith traditions. We listen and work to help you find and connect with your own sources of strength and healing. We recognize that, for many people, their beliefs are an integral part of their identity, and need to be honored and included in their healing.
To learn more, visit the CPC website here.

Highland Support Project

HSP fosters agency and empowers indigenous communities by providing opportunities for education, community organization, supporting social entrepreneurs, and addressing health and poverty in the face of shifting political arenas and environmental changes.

HSP’s vision is that “outsiders” will be educated and inspired to act in solidarity with first nations communities facing challenges.

Annandale UMC supports HSP in multiple ways: by sending a summer mission team to help with irrigation canal maintenance, farm and garden projects, and more on the White Mountain Apache Reserve in Arizona, and by periodically hosting a craft table where crafts made by indigenous people are sold.

Learn more at HSP's website here.